Trying to Decide if We’re the Right Partner To Help You Fuel Your Growth? Have a Look At Our Case Studies Here:

We Believe In Telling The Real Story

Our case studies are designed to share not only the victories, but the challenges that we encountered along the way.
Things don’t always work perfectly, but we pride ourselves on pushing until we achieve our intended outcome.

How We Helped Republix Grow Through Acquisition
We booked calls with 30 highly qualified agency owners, interested in becoming Citizens of Republix, resulting in multiple key acquisitions.
How We Helped Invennt Tap Into The Canadian Market
We worked with our client to fill an event with highly targeted business owners, resulting in $5M in projected revenue.
How ArcSource Built Authority Amidst the Covid Crisis
We created an Authority-Building Content Machine, that we leveraged to help them connect with qualified Architecture firms.
We Have Helped 350 Tech and Consulting Companies Selling B2B and Counting
Here are a few words from past clients, to help you see if we’re a fit for your business:
Service Providing Businesses
Kim Speed
Purple Moon Creative
“Business before this was really hard…it was a matter of networking and having to actually go in person to get referrals and warm leads… Warm leads are coming to me, with people who are truly interested in what I offer.”
Bob Scarlata
WhiteHorse Partners
“And and by the way, you know, I was a skeptic relative to going to to the LinkedIn folks that we that I’ve had some connection with over the years and I’m not a skeptic anymore….”
Trevor Turnbull
Linked Into Leads
“Before we started working with eRational, we had systems in place, but they weren’t at the level of efficiency we wanted them to be. In just a few weeks… we started seeing opportunities turning into phone calls and into clients.”
Mark Collella
Eclipse Technologies
“eRational has helped us drive more efficiencies with our customer acquisition initiatives, (and) they are aligned with driving our goals of disrupting the game.”
Sara Haynes
Sigma Solutions
“We went to a 3-hour meeting, and just mapped out a complete plan for my business, and it felt like all the lights went on and I suddenly knew what I needed to do. Now, instead of being overwhelmed, I’m energized.”
Coaches, Consultants and Speakers
Lesley Edwards
Mars Venus Coaching
“I thought I knew what it took, to film videos, and get my message out there. That’s all I want – to be able to communicate it to my clients and get past all those blocks.”

Julie Daniluk

Hot Detox Online Program

“I have an audience of 80,000 people but I only converted 55 to my last program because I hate selling. But (after taking) Thomas’ course I know I can show the real value to it.”
Andrea & Sothea
Andrea Ivanka International
“It’s nice to find someone who walks the talk… We’ve invested thousands of dollars of other places who show you how to do it, but we never got it done… By the end of five days we walked out with everything set up.”
Bonnie Chan
Connector’s Academy
“I’ve been working on this a while now, and it’s been hard because I didn’t have the right team of people to support me.”
Adele Spraggon
Unleash Your Genius
“In the end it was easy, fun and effective. Now I know I can talk to that one client out there, that I know I can help.”
Rose Marie Fernandez
Coaching Worx
“You’re a true professional. You take it seriously. I’d say (anyone who doesn’t do this) will regret not doing it sooner, just like I did.”
Realtors & Investment Advisors
Jesse Farb
Arcadia Syndicate
“I was able to get my end result done in a record time. I highly recommend the training here at eRational Marketing, and the value they bring. I highly recommend them and look forward to working with them in the future.”
Stephanie King
Real Estate Office Inc.
“My biggest breakthrough was… I now know how to share the best me. I’m now more confident than ever and I’m so thankful for the program.”
Dylan Suitor
Keller Williams
“I came to eRational, looking for ways I could increase my business, and Thomas came back with multiple opportunities. Everyone here at eRational has been great.“
Event Attendees
Lee Garrison
“The biggest Aha moment for me at this event was that regardless of the size of the company, differentiation is key, and most of these companies are having that same challenge.”
David Banerjee
Progress Software
“Extremely professional, well-executed event, with great speakers and great insights. Do yourself a favour – come to the event. You’ll learn a few things.”
Amin Belwali
Rizen Event Attendee
“Would I recommend this? ABSOLUTELY. I’ve recommended this to a lot of friends, and I’ll continue to. I think what was different about it was it is holistic and it is fun!”
Valeria Shiro
“It’s awesome to know that there’s a company out there that wants to help other agencies and create social change, so we can be better together.”
Ken Wells
The Leads Hub
“The biggest difference I found about this event, vs others I’ve attended – it’s not salesy at all, so you could have actual, authentic conversations with people.”
Tom Keane
Strategic Marketing Counsel
“It was small enough to be warm and friendly, it was structure with questions that got answers to some issues, and it made for an outcome that was warm and inspiring.”

Purple Moon Creative

Branding Agency
The team at eRational has helped my 6 figure B2B Branding agency to grow over 300% since we started working together 18 months ago. Their video system, lead generation and business strategy have been hugely responsible for this growth.

Eclipse Technology

Infrastructure and Technology Provider
We used eRational’s Event filling system and got 54 c-level executives from Fortune 1000 companies and government to come to our event in under 2 weeks. Their expert marketing execution and positioning of the event helped us generate millions in opportunities.


Fortune 1000 CMO Consulting
The eRational team has been incredible. I had a database of prospects that wasn’t being properly leveraged and our service offering needed optimization. 1 month after working with them we’ve generated hundreds of thousands in opportunities and 50k in passive recurring income. The product, marketing and sales knowledge is incredible.

Land Art Landscape Architects

Urban Design for Developers
Our market is challenging because it’s business to business, very targeted and with multi-year sales cycles. We worked with eRational using their Targeted Lead Generation services and within month we generated many qualified opportunities. I’m happy to say we closed our first deal within 2 months of working with them!

LinkedIn to Leads

B2B Lead Generation Consulting Company
We are working with eRational on our product line and creating an event. In our first event, we converted 100% of the 20 person c-level audience of multi million dollar companies and generated 6 figures in business. The work on the product line has already doubled our company’s profits without increasing our expenses at all. This team is incredible.

Brian Kramer

Fortune 500 CMO Consulting
Something magical happened. My first month’s revenue with ERM was my highest in 2 years, with profit margins higher than my last 5 years!